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The Voodoo Society is the last of the old-time occult orders and teaches Voodoo, hoodoo, traditional witchcraft, rootwork, conjure, pow-wow, folk magic and sorcery in the Old New Orleans Tradition of Marie Laveau and Doctor John.

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Set up a recurring subscription

To set up a recurring subscription for your membership dues, you have the option of paying through PayPal by clicking on the link below and choosing from the drop-down menu either the Premium or the Basic Membership.

This is the easiest but also the more expensive way to go. If you would like to know how to save money by getting a lower rate and paying by cash, check or money order, send us an email at:

Please note that we charge only for Membership in The Voodoo Society and not for the spiritual teachings which are given freely to all Members.  Only Members are eligible to receive the teachings.

The payments are processed through our webmaster who provides web services to a number of esoteric and New Age groups.

Payment Options
You can also make a donation of any amount if you would like by clicking on the link below.

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