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The Voodoo Society

The Voodoo Society is the last of the old-time occult orders and teaches Voodoo, hoodoo, traditional witchcraft, rootwork, conjure, pow-wow, folk magic and sorcery in the Old New Orleans Tradition of Marie Laveau and Doctor John.

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"American or New Orleans Voodoo is neither Haitian nor Afro-Caribbean Voodoo.  It is a uniquely American Voodoo, born out of the same melting pot that produced jazz.  You may choose to call it hoodoo, conjure, rootwork, or just spiritual, but it's still Voodoo – an indigenous American Voodoo." — Jean–Louis Legendre 

Born in the tropical Islands of the West Indies, American Voodoo developed its particular flavoring in New Orleans as a distinctive blending of African religion, Southern folk magic or hoodoo, European occultism, Catholic saint worship, Native American beliefs, Spiritualism and traditional witchcraft.  Today Voodoo is practiced by people of all races and cultures, and has followers around the world.

American, Creole-style, or New Orleans Voodoo differs greatly from its African and Caribbean cousins, which may be called Vodou.“  Voodoo is a universal term, meaning spirit,“ and is related to the Juju of Africa as well as the Jadoo of India. 

Voodoo believes in one God and in numerous spirits, angels, saints and ancestors.  Voodooists worship God, not evil.  The Voodoo Society is opposed to the sacrifice of animals, which it views as a primitive practice that has no place in modern society. 

In the World of the Voodoo ... there is no lack, for the spells and formulas of Voodoo help the practitioner with every need and situation in life; there is no fear, for the legendary charms of Voodoo offer powerful protection against every danger and evil; there is no death, for the Voodooist learns to penetrate the Spirit World and communicate with loved ones beyond. 

A secretive and misunderstood religion, with its well-deserved reputation for effectiveness, Voodoo inspires wonder, awe and fear.  Voodoo has been a constant source of hope and comfort for the oppressed, giving power to the powerless, wealth to the poor, love to the lonely, and protection to the weak. 

The Voodoo Society is authentic, legendary and famous.  Rooted in the grand tradition of its past, the Voodoo Society has changed little since the days of Marie Laveau and the great Voodoo Queens and Witch Doctors of yesteryear. 

Today the Voodoo Society is the premier organization for Voodooists and occultists worldwide.  The Voodoo Society keeps the traditions and the old ways rather than whitewashing its beliefs for the sake of “respectability” and political correctness. The Voodoo Society is an elite secret society that welcomes fellow travelers and occultists from around the world. 

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